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Sopleteo automático o Pulse Jet

Turntable and Work Car kit

It is used for loading heavy parts. It consists of two major components:

Supporting Turntable
It makes easier the loading of parts on the rolling work car outside the blast cabinet.
Once the work car gets into the blast enclosure, the table is turned to allow closing the door.

Rolling Work Car and Rotating Plate
It carries the parts into the blast cabinet for processing, allowing parts rotation during the blasting process.
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Cabinas de Granallado Sisitemas Adicionales

Tumble Barrel

It is used for medium production blasting of small parts, examples of most common applications are: nuts and bolts, bijou, clasps, medals, etc.

Components and Mounting
The tumble barrel optional kit for blast cabinets C9075 S and C1210 S is mounted replacing the standard door of any cabinet by the special barrel door which includes: a motor gear box, stamps, tumble barrel and control panel.
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Sopleteo automático o Pulse Jet

Automatic System

It is used for the automatic blasting of parts with axis of symmetry - wheels, gears, axle boxes, etc.

It mounts on the standard equipment C9075 S or C1210 S, a central rotating plate powered by a motor gear box and an alternative pneumatic system for the blasting gun.
The operator can quickly and easily adjust the variables to suit the part being blasted – changing gun positions, the distance to the parts and the blasting speed.

Description of Operation
The parts are placed in a central axis on the rotating plate and the blasting gun is adjusted so as to cover the height of the parts being blasted.
After selecting the working time through the cycle timers in the control panel, the blasting process stops once the selected time elapses.
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Cabinas con puerta Guillotina

Guillotine doors

They are used primarily where space to fill in the place of location of the cabin is limited. This system can be combined with additional well.

The original doors are replaced by vertical opening doors or guillotine type. Each door runs on a guide and is poised properly so it can be opened and closed easily.
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Sopleteo automático o Pulse Jet

Automatic blowoff
or Pulse Jet

By installing an automatic air mixing generating an air pulse generated by the detachment of the particles adhered to the filter cartridge, it is possible to increase the useful life and greatly reducing the maintenance.

This system can be factory installed originally in the cabin or later using a kit for easy installation.
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Cabinas Dobles

Double Cabinets

They are generally used for medium sized pieces. It can also be combined with additional as table, cart and plate for ease of handling elements.

The team may have one or two seats for simultaneous work, depending on the specific need.
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