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Cuartos de granallado Cuartos de granallado Cuartos de granallado Cuartos de granallado
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Cuarto de granallado abrasivo pesado

Cuarto de granallado Blasting
To select the type and size of the appropriate blast room you should consider the dimensions of the items to be treated as well as its relative movement and the ease of blasting. The selection of the blast room dimensions is essential to determine the choice of the other installation components.

Consider that the abrasive recovery system and the dust collector and filter systems selection is tightly related to the size of the room.

Blasting S.A. supplies the complete installation kit made of highly reliable components, its huge stock enables a continuous supply of spare parts and accessories, and it offers the assistance and service of its broadly experienced Technical Department.
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Blast rooms floors Dead Man System
Cuartos de granallado Blasting

Cuartos de Granallado Blasting

Cuartos de Granallado Blasting
Three alternatives for the recovery of abrasive at the blast room floors:

Blind floor and manual recovery:
The floor is flat and features a sweep pit with under floor hopper, the abrasive is pushed into the pit manually. Once in the hopper the system automatically screens, cleans and reloads the abrasive. This equipment is the economical alternative.

Blind floor with central pipe and manual recovery:
Flat floor with a central gutter where the abrasive is pushed manually. Once in the gutter, the system automatically screens, cleans and reloads the abrasive. It reduces the abrasive recovery time, without considerably increasing the installation cost.

Automatic recovery floor:
A reclaim system, completely covered with grids over the entire floor area. The system screens, cleans and reloads the abrasive trough pneumatic sweepers.
Track-guides mounted at the sweeping trays joint. Avoids reclamation dead time, and considerably reduces operation costs. Low electric-power consumption and low maintenance needs.
During blasting jobs in closed rooms, it is essential to have a remote control system -“Dead man”-, which allows the full control of blasting at the hose end, where the operator holds the nozzle. Automatic shut off if the operator drops the handle. Shut-off is pneumatically operated through a deviation of the compressed air feeder. It does not require air consumption during working periods.

Cuarto de Granallado Blasting
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