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Safety Systems for Blasting Activities Useful information
Safety Systems for Blasting Activities Mars Model Operator safety equipment
Blasting S.A. Mars operator safety equipment is designed to comfort to all necessary requirements for abrasive blast cleaning, offering the operator the maximum safety and comfort.

Prevents dust from entering into the operator's respirator through a breathing air injection system and appropriate closings.

Rebounding Abrasive.
Protects the operator's body from rebounding abrasive by the use of a double-shell construction helmet and protection blast suit.

Blows to the Head.
Offers the safety helmet protection. The helmet integrated to the equipment is made of thermoplastic with safety harness. It is an efficient protection against blows.
Granalladoras - Arenadoras Safety Systems for
Blasting Activities
NOTE – Positive Pressure Systems
Mars model operator safety equipment features a positive pressure system which pressurizes the operator respirator by breathing-air injection. This pulls the air out of the respirator preventing polluted air from entering the chamber.
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Safety Systems for Blasting Activities
Safety Systems for Blasting Activities
Safety Systems for Blasting Activities
Helmet and Cape
Made of thermoplastic material, its double-shell construction allows complete circulation of air. Air outlet prevents steamy windows. Dual lens combination and protection sheets support.
Full, nylon cape with anti-abrasive coating easy to replace.
Spiral breathing pipe prevents interruptions of breathing-air supply.

Waist regulator valve
Permits the operator to adjust the volume of breathing-air flow to his needs. It features a safety pathway preventing complete closure.

Air feeding hose
The air feeding hose links the filter to the waist valve. It has a quick coupling that can be uncoupled in emergency cases.

Breathing air filter
The breathing air filter supplies filtered and deodorized air. It features a disposable cartridge with 3 filtering and deodorizing stages through activated charcoal. The number of outlets allows 4 operators to work simultaneously. Air inlet with pressure gauge and regulator. These filters do not remove Carbon monoxide (CO) from an air supply, therefore the use of an oil-free air compressor is recommended.
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Safety Systems for Blasting Activities
Safety Systems for Blasting Activities
Made from supple, durable split leather with long cuffs. Protect the operator hands from rebounding abrasive.

Safety Cable and Clips
The cable couples the hoses endings avoiding the lashing effect in the event of uncoupled hoses.
Clips are easy to install and prevent hoses from uncoupling.

Protection Blast Suit
Heavy cotton fabric coverall with double quick zip. Front sleeves and trousers with highly resistant glued fabric protections covering the unprotected areas.
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