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Turbina de Granallado

Turbina de Granallado

Turbina de Granallado
Tough and Efficient
With Blasting turbine-blast systems the abrasive is propelled by one or more turbines, allowing blasting process on any kind of item – metallic parts – either automatically or through mechanic, electric or electronic components.

Blasting, the leading company in surfaces preparation and finishing, has a complete line-up of compressed-air and turbine-blast systems, offering a solution for the requirements of each individual customer to handle a wide range of applications – petroleum vessels, gas pipes, in bulk parts, molds textures, scaling, etc.
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Many Models, different uses:

We know that the blasting process is essential in every system for protecting structures and metallic from corrosion, as well as in perfect finishing applications.

There is a wide range of uses and applications mainly including processes on melting parts, sheets profiles and/or components made of such elements. Moreover, cleaning and removing rust and mill scales – mechanic scaling - pretreatment on surfaces to be painted, galvanic deposition or any other coating. Shot peening process increases resistance to fatigue of springs, strips and any other flexible component.

Blasting offers blasting models to satisfy the different market requirements: "Tunnel-Blast systems", "Rotary Belt blast systems", "Hook Blast machines", "Rotary Table blast systems", etc. Such names are given by the systems and devices selected to convey and move the parts being treated.

Blasting offers a quick replacement of spare parts and accessories, and the support and service of its broadly experienced Technical Department.
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Fax: (54-11) 4762-2718.