Blast cabinets

 Blast Cabinets

Blast Cabinets

Blasting Blast processes

Blasting blast cabinets are dust-tight enclosures specially designed to handle different activities. Using glass beads and other abrasives it is used to clean: etchings, textured surfaces, restorations and all type of surface finishing on different materials at a very low price. Blasting offers different models of blast cabinets tailored to the production needs of each customer from sporadic jobs to high production operations.

Uses and Advantages

Cleaning and Strengthening
of parts:

Blasting blast process can remove oxide from the parts of an engine and other scales without tearing the surfaces, leaving them strong and ready to be used again.

Molds Renewal:

Blasting blast process is ideal to treat molds. Its great cleaning power cleans agents and material buildup from molds for rework, prolonging their usable life.

Through a simple, quick and economic process it is possible to etch different surfaces with high quality results clearly over traditional processes.

Texturing surfaces:

Using different blasting media it is possible to obtain a variety of textures on glass, metals, plastics, marble surfaces and others.

New Technology

The new blasting system cleans and separates the media just on the inside of the cabinet's hopper, saving up to 30% of the abrasive.
The suction is indefinitely adjustable for each type and size of blasting media. The high-performance filter cartridge, with a dust trap-rate of 99% inside the enclosure, traps particles down to 1.0 micron.
To improve the performance of Blasting blast cabinets, the use of the optional automatic cleaning is recommended.
The new filter located on the inside of the enclosure guarantees the absence of extraction dust in the environment. Optimum visibility is guaranteed by the new extraction system and the light module inside the cabinet.
Cleaning and Strengthening of parts
Removing rust cleaning parts
Molds Renewal
blast, Treatment, cleaning mold
Gravados different surfaces