Abrasives Reclaim System shot blasting
Closed-Circuit Blasting Equipment
shot blasting
Closed-circuit blasting systems are ideally suited to applications where the surrounding environment and equipment cannot be contaminated with abrasive or dust. It features a blast head which both blasts and recovers the abrasive. This recovery process is made through a pneumatic suction pump.

This equipment also permits to independently work as blast hopper and recovery system. It is mainly used for blasting welding seams, patches jobs, removing lines in industrial corridors and all other applications where dust and media must be contained.
Dust free applications
Description of Operation:
Two different operation modes:

uses a blast and recovery head allowing dust free processes.

Open blasting
conventional blasting productions, uses the suction system to recover scattered abrasive.

Blasting vessel with a steel grit loading capacity of 200 Kg.
Vacuum recovery silo with interior protections. Dismountable for ease of transport.
Exhaust air filter cartridge and pneumatic cleaning.
Aluminum blast head with interior protections and suction pipes
Remote Control, “Dead Man" system.
Working cart.