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Tough and Efficient
Blasting designs its portable blasting systems - pressure systems- to obtain the highest-production performance and to provide the maximum safety and comfort to operators. Blasting Blast Pots are the result of 30 years of reliable experience developing blasting processes.


Advantages of Blasting Blast Pots

1. Easy load
The upper cover is used as funnel for loading.
2. Great air exhaustion capacity
Air exhaust valve with sound attenuation.
3. High Performance
Complete passage valves without pressure loss.
4. Clearing Obstructions
Quick action valve to clear obstructions.
5. Movable Equipment
Highly resistant and stable wheels.
6. Simple Dosimeter
High performance dosimeter valve without moving parts.
7. Safety Valve
Offers the necessary protection in cases of overpressure.
8. Automatic Closing
Semi-elliptical loading valve closes in all positions without adjustments.
Great moving capacity allows quick loading.
9. Rubber-rubber locking system
The rubber-rubber contact closing system prolongs the usable life of the loading valve and prevents the equipment wearing.
10. Habilitation and Hydrostatic Tests
Heavy-gauge construction pressure vessel approved by Act 11.459 and tests certificates. Built to ASME standards.
11. Remote Control
Pinch valve, simple operation and little maintenance.

When buying a blast machine ask for the required certificates and approvals according to the safety norms.