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  Lightweight Abrasives
  Blast rooms for glass beads and lightweight abrasives
For finishing job applications, light blasting and surfaces decontamination glass beads are the preferred abrasive.

For the cleaning of:

Big molds for plastic injection.
Blowing casts.
Thermoformed casts.
Vulcanizing casts.
Stainless steel parts and equipment for the food industry.

These applications require blast rooms specially adapted to the use of glass beads.
Main differences are the abrasive recovery system and the dust collector and filter systems.
The recovery system involves a finest cleaning usually through a cyclonic separator adjusted to the size of the abrasive used.
As to the dust collector and filter systems, the media flow is noticeably greater due to the amount of dust generated during the blasting process.

Floors for soft abrasive blast rooms:
We offer two alternatives:
Manual recovery into central gutter.
Automatic recovery floor.

The first alternative operates through multi-hopper pipe and pneumatic conveyor; the second alternative operates based on the automatic recovery through sweepers into a central multi-hopper with pneumatic conveyor.

Lightweight Abrasives
lightweight abrasives