Specialized Equipment
Jeans Finishing Equipment

(Power: 1,5 HP)
JN-2G-1 / JN-4G-2 (Power: 10 and 20 HP)

This equipment is specially designed to handle jean fabric garments (sandblasting). The finishing is made through the blasting of media in the area in which a worn-out look is desired.

  AT-ST Model
AT-ST Model
The process is made manually from the outside of the cabinets through glove clamps and a tempered view window.
Garments loading and unloading is made at a side of the cabinet by sliding plates. Plates go in and out of the cabinet through grooves closed by nylon brushes.

Garments Loading and Unloading
2 side plates. Nylon brushes closing. Fabric presses height regulated. Supporting presses for masks.

1+1 Loading-Unloading + Dust collection and Filtering Processes.
2 Cartridges of 4 m2 each
Cyclonic Dust Collector 1,5 HP
Manual Blowing.

Integrated below the cabinet.
JN-Media loading capacity 150 Kg
Pneumatic foot pedal control.

Blast Cabinet
Rubber coated.
Exterior lighting through fluorescent lamps.
Abrasive screening and air-washing.
Technical Specifications

  JN-2G-1 y JN-4G-2 Models
Working Chamber
Anti-abrasive interior coating, exterior fluorescent lighting through a tempered view window. Rubber curtains to prevent rebounding abrasive.

Abrasive Blasting System
Pressure vessel with remote control and dead man system.

Abrasive Recovery System
Total recovery of the blasted abrasive. Dust separation and reusable abrasive automatic reloading processes are made in the pressure vessel.

Jean Media
Abrasive specially developed for jean blasting, available in 25 Kg. bags and 1 Ton pallets.
Technical Data