Specialized Equipment
Specialized Equipment
Blasting, the leading company in surfaces treatment and finishing, develops equipment tailored to the specific needs of each customer – compressed-air and turbine blast system- used in a variety of jobs – petroleum vessels, gas pipes, in bulk parts, moulds textures, scaling, etc.

Jean Blast:

(Power: 1,5 HP)
JN-2G-1 / JN-4G-2 (Power: 10 y 20 HP)

This equipment is specially designed to handle jean fabric garments (sandblasting). The finishing is made through the blasting of media in the area in which a worn-out look is desired.


Stripping of Aircrafts fuselage

Portable equipment for stripping aircrafts fuselage.

Abrasives Conveyor:

Conveyor TR1
Conveyor TR2


Closed-circuit equipment. Blast-Vacuum:


Closed-circuit equipment
Closed-circuit blasting systems are ideally suited to applications where the surrounding environment and equipment cannot be contaminated with abrasive or dust. It features a blast head which both blasts and recovers the abrasive. This recovery process is made through a pneumatic suction pump.
This equipment also permits to independently work as blast hopper and recovery system. It is mainly used for blasting welding seams, patch jobs, removing lines in industrial corridors and all other applications where dust and media must be contained.

Blast Trailer:

All-in-one blast equipment, recovery and cleaning of abrasive on site
BIG GRIT 50-3 / BL-BG-50-3 Blasting Model

•Abrasives transport and recovery.
•Abrasives selection, cleaning and screening.
•Reloading of blasting equipment.
•Abrasive blasting, pressure system with
remote control "Dead man".
•Pretreatment on surfaces to be painted.
•Cleaning of the working place.


Conveyor BVS-50
Vacuum cleaner.

Blasting media cleaner:
AM - 350 - A1

AM - 350 - A1
Blasting media cleaner equipment cleans reusable steel grit media
either in the factory or on site.