Inspection Instruments
Environmental Conditions
Magnetic Surface Thermometer
Range: -20º to 120º C.
Accuracy: ±2%
Diameter: 50mm.
Psychrometer Tables Booklet
To determine relative humidity and dew point by dry and moist bulb temperatures readings.
Sling Psychrometer
Range: -5º to 45º C.
Accuracy: ±1º C.
ASTME-337 Norm

Blasting Processes Norms
SSPC VIS 1-89 Norms
Established by the Steel Structures Painting Council (USA).
It contains written definitions and photographic patterns for each blasting grade.

ISO, SIS 055900 Norms
Established by the Swedish Standard Institution.
It contains written definitions and slides patterns for each blasting grade.

Processes Control

Pressure gauge with pointer
For measuring pressure at the hose end close to the blasting nozzle.

Range 0-14 bar.

Nozzle Orifice Gauge
for measuring the diameter of the venturi nozzle orifice and the incoming flow.

Range 1/4" to 5/8".
Humidity paper
To determine the presence of water or oil in the compressed-air flow.

Size: 150x150mm.
Packages: 10 units.

Rough Measuring
Replica Tape Comparator
The tape has a material which copies the surface profile which is measured by a thickness micrometer.

It consists of:
Tape for 25 to 50 microns. (x50units.)
Tape for 30 to 100 microns. (x50units.)
Thickness Micrometer.
Pointer rough-gauge
Pointer micrometer to measure the maximum depth of the surface profile.

Range: 0 a 200 microns.

Cost per unit
 Magnetic Surface Thermometer  
 Psychrometer Tables Booklet  
 Sling Psychrometer  
 SSPC VIS 1-89 Norms  
 ISO, SIS 055900 Norms  
 Pointer Pressure Gauge  
 Nozzle Orifice Gauge  
 Humidity Paper  
 Profiles Comparator  
 Pointer Rough Gauge  
 Replica Tape Comparator