Turbine Blast Systems

BLT 1-5 and BLT 2-5 Models
Blasting turbine blast systems are specially designed to handle blasting jobs, sand removal and Shotpeening. BLT 1-5 and BLT 2-5 models offer the most economical and reliable high production solution for tumble-blasting processes.

Description of Operation
Turbines propel steel grit on parts surfaces placed in the tumbling barrel. Front loading and unloading of parts.
The tumbling barrel is mounted on two rotating plates so it can be easily dismounted and adjusted to other applications - engines blocks, asymmetric and special parts which cannot be tumbled. The enclosure is completely tight. It includes a safety system which automatically stops the turbines if any door is opened. The interior of the barrel, at the area of greater blasting impact, is coated with high chromo melting sheets which also help the blasting media find their way to the parts being blasted. The remaining of the interior is coated with anti-abrasive rubber, easy to replace. It features a dust collector to prevent pollution in the working place so it is suitable to share work space with other productive processes. This system is also used to clean the media in order to keep a correct operative mix and optimize the speed of work and the quality and costs of production.


Blasting turbines -high chromo mono-block, lightweight-, allow greater wheels running durability and blasts more abrasive with the same installed power. They are directly coupled to the engines; with a performance 20% over the turbines coupled through tubes, belts and pulleys.
All components are from high chromo melting, highly resistant to blasting processes. They feature a blasting device and a control box to regulate the abrasive direction and to avoid wearing the working chamber. Maintenance and regulation are easy and quick.
Blasting ensures a quick replacement of spare parts and accessories, and it the support and service of its broadly experienced Technical Department.